Upgrading your Feed Bot sheets to use Tiller Money Feeds


A webinar on how to transition from a Feed Bot powered Google Sheet to a sheet powered by Tiller Money Feeds. This webinar is only applicable for customers who are not yet using Tiller Money Feeds for bank data feeds into their Google Sheet - in general, customers who subscribed before August 26, 2019.

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Watch a demo video

Special notes about the Tiller Labs Migration Helper
During the demo, there were some issues with the Migration Helper tool pulling categories from the source sheet into the new sheet. My recommendation upon further testing is to change the Categories setting in the Migration Helper to “Overwrite” instead of “Merge” for best results. We are looking into the issue with the Merge setting, but if you’re not customizing the Categories in the new/destination sheet then overwriting what’s there with your customized categories is the best option.


Can I use BOTH my old template (Tiller Budget) AND the Foundation template for awhile to see how I like Foundation?
Yes, you can use both the Feed Bot template and the Tiller Money Feeds template simultaneously for a while. We don’t have any timeline for when we will be turning off the Feed Bot sheet just yet. You can also use the Envelope Budget template with the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. More on that here.

Is there a way to migrate data only beginning 1/1/2020?
There isn’t an automated way to do this and when you link your accounts to the new template using Tiller Money Feeds we’ll pull in all your historical data. One option would be to clear out the transactions from the new sheet prior to 2020, then do the same in the original sheet, then run the migration helper and it will only pull over customized data from 2020 on.

The category column is not a drop down anymore after creating a sheet with the tiller foundation template in the Transaction tab.
You can read more about how to fix the data validation for the Category column here

Did you say that to continue using Tiller Budget and migrate to the Tiller Money Feed, I should start a clean sheet? Will this bring in old transactions automatically from my banks?
I would recommend that you start in a fresh sheet no matter what template you want to use. When starting in a new sheet it will bring in all transaction data we automated into another sheet for you, but without the customizations (category, note, tag, etc) you’ve made. You can either manually migrate the customized data from the original sheet or use the Migration Helper in Tiller Labs to pull it over.

Is the Excel version pretty stable?
The Excel version is less stable than the Google Sheets version. It is still in beta and less fully featured.