USAA feed not working

My USAA feed has stopped updating about a week ago. I use the cybertoken option and have had luck in the past getting transactions into my account. I enter a dummy password, my pin, and then just the 6 digit cybertoken at the next step. Over the last week, I’ve just been getting very long delays at each step, which ultimately ends with this screen.

“Unexpected site error. Uh oh. It looks like we’re having issues connecting to this site for some reason… (boilerplate stuff) come back later to try again.”

Anyone else having this issue or any thoughts on this? A bit frustrating as it was literally the day I graduated from the free trial period…

I have been having issues updating my USAA account/transactions in tiller for over 3 months now. I have tried all sorts of solutions - I don’t understand why this continues to be a problem - frustrating for sure!

I am having an issue with USAA account information retrieval also.

Any recommendations as to how to remedy this?


I asked Tiller tech support for help and they’ve been following up with the underlying connection provider, but no luck so far.

My connection ended up working this morning and I could update my account. Nothing else has changed so I assume they’ve fixed the connection.