USAA transaction pulls has not work reliability in months - what am I missing

Basically, it will go weeks before it will pull any transactions – and with each attempt it is AFTER 2FA auth with USAA completed.

I’m now getting:

Hmm, something’s not right.
Click here or the steps to fix this.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Same with me, or the connection ‘times out’ (I have a post a while back). Generally, I just have to delete all my USAA bank accounts in Tiller and start again, which means figuring out the conflicting transactions, etc. Overall I just don’t think it works well enough to warrant the money / effort.

I am now having this same issue and this is my main bank. This just started 2 days ago for me but had been having very inconsistent results even before that. I thought it had stablized, so went ahead and paid for the subscription and now this error.

Are you getting a “request timeout” error? Is that the issue you’re referring to here? There is a workaround to this issue, that works in many cases.

  • Try refreshing your account once more by visiting the Tiller Console > Account Summary . Click Refresh OR Connection > Edit Credentials for this account.

  • When it gets to the step of “gathering data,” click anywhere outside that window .

  • You should see the Refresh button indicate that it’s still refreshing and then indicate either “Recently refreshed” or “Error.” Hopefully you’ll see “Recently refreshed.”

In other words, does exiting our refresh account interface before running into the timeout error result in a successful refresh?

If the issue is with having to re-authenticate your account with a 2FA code each day to pull the data as noted initially by @mmarch, that is expected behavior for many institutions and not something we can address. You can read more about that in the guide here.

We have 2 separate USAA user accounts(1 with 2FA and 1 without). Both accounts started getting the following error in the last couple of days and nothing has changed with our accounts: Data is Unavailable. Hmm. It looks like we’re having issues with your account for some reason. Did you close an account at USAA? If not, make sure you selected the correct site or come back later to try again.

USAA is currently experiencing an outage with our data provider. The tentative ETA in 10/11.

Thanks for the update. I wondered if this was the case :slightly_smiling_face: