USAA transactions and balances not updating

My grandfather was a USAA member (USAF). My father was a USAA member (USAF). I’ve been a USAA member since I was born, almost 60 years ago. Because of this issue (and, to be fair, a longer-term trend away from excellent customer service at USAA) I now bank at Fidelity, and buy auto insurance from Cincinnati.

Fidelity is a lot easier to work with as a bank, btw, and because I have teen drivers I saved about 50% on my auto insurance bill over USAA. Amazing what you find out when you’re finally presented enough incentive to check out the competition.

I assume I am able to get a prorated refund for an annual subscription? Not supporting my main bank (USAA) makes this pretty useless. I guess I will just use Mint and import everything myself since plaid has this figured out already.

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Can you tell me where exactly you do that? In the tiller console? In the google sheet? Any specifics would be appreciated. Thank you.

Heather- can you explain how to convert USAA accounts to manual? Do I need to do anything special? Thanks.

In google sheets if you go to balance history it should show you all of the account balances that were imported. You can select the last USAA import per account you have with USAA (checking, savings, etc) and simply put manual: in front of the account ID like the rest of you manual accounts. Then it will show up in the manual account update drop-down. However, it will show both the manual and imported account on the balance sheet if you use it. You can either go to the last entry from the USAA account, not the one you just put manual in front of and change the amount to zero. It will still show up in the balance sheet but it will not affect you total balance now. If you want to keep all transactions that imported then copy the last USAA account entry, insert a new row, paste it and make the changes stated above.


Thank you for this information.

I’m not receiving USAA transactions in tiller and now in mint! An enemy of an enemy is a friend and usaa is doing us both dirty. Just curious are there any banks that work well with tiller? Is navy fed checking decent? I may not completely close usaa but migrate out slowly if something is not resolved.

@zeptepidesigns Navy Fed has to be manually updated in the console every time you want updated data. So, not ideal, but it works. I just switched from USAA to SoFi and it’s been great so far. Ally is usually pretty cooperative with Tiller, but they had an outage last week that lasted about a week. Any of the Open Banking banks (like Chase) will be ideal but they don’t offer the interest rates that SoFi and Ally do…

@zeptepidesigns Navy Federal also has a known issue with credit cards missing transactions right now and we haven’t made much progress with Yodlee addressing it so far. I’d definitely recommend an open banking enabled site. Updating open banking enabled connections | Tiller Help Center

We have learned that Yodlee and USAA are definitely working toward an open banking integration, but we don’t have a timeline and it’s likely several more months. It’s unlikely that they’ll fix the existing USAA integration in the mean time and may completely disable the site until the open banking integration is available.

We’ll share updates here as we get them.


Hey, at least there may be good news on the horizon rather than no news at all.

With the help of macros for formatting and the export from usaa I’m able to update them without too much fuss, although with the process I’m only doing this weekly on the weekends when most things have processed.

Thanks for the update.

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Hi Heather,
USAA told me today that Tiller/Yodlee is an unsupported 3rd party application.

Accordingly, no USAA customer will ever be able to use Tiller to aggregate their data.

All of the threads about USAA should be closed with this information, and the status on the Institution Outages page should be updated to Permanently Unavailable.

Hi @edwarddziuk - thanks for your note here. We’re working closely with Yodlee, who is working closely with USAA to resolve the connection issue. Despite what you might have been told we do expect USAA to allow Yodlee to resume bank data feeds, but it might not be until after the open banking connection has been enabled.

As soon as we have more concrete information about next steps we will share those here. Some account types at USAA are still working so we will not be listing the institution as “permanently unavailable” and we don’t expect the outage to be permanent anyway.


Being a relentlessly optimistic person, I am sticking around until we know for sure. Cmon Tiller, Yodlee, USAA - MAKE OUR DAY!


As Tiller founder, it drives me nuts that USAA isn’t working, first because so many of you are impacted, second because my wife and I use our USAA credit card and USAA checking as our primary accounts. Thanks @kyle for your optimism - it’s not unfounded. Trust us that this is a high priority internally. It will get resolved. We will support USAA come heck or high water, and it’s top of mind each day. As Heather stated, we’ll keep you updated.


thanks for the update and conviction Peter!

Thanks for these updates on USAA, and on Tiller’s persistence. I set up a Citizens bank account and a Wells Fargo credit card as “failovers”, and they work seamlessly with Tiller; I’m very pleased. I’m keeping my USAA checking and credit cards open in case they eventually support Tiller and open banking. I hope they do, but in the meantime, it’s good to have the failover option.

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Thanks to the staff here.
Honestly, I’m relieved that @peter and others are personally invested. I also use my USAA accounts for daily spending/saving and need this to work. I’m leaving personal capital after their statement that they have given up on getting USAA to work.


I spent a while on this issue with USAA on the phone, then wrote a letter to the bank president. I did get a call back from their “Executive Resolutions Team.” Unfortunately no help, the most I could uncover, (this was in November 2022) was that they had made a switch to MX transactions, and the breakage appears to have been related to that and Yodlee, where Tiller get’s its data from. Either way, no fix and no escalation path that I could uncover. Not via Tiller, nor USAA, nor Yodlee.

I tried to do a failover and created Capital One accounts. But quickly found out it with a limit of only three checking accounts, it couldn’t service the needs for me and my family and reverted back to USAA. So I’m just importing via CSV every now and then from USAA. Really want this to get fixed. I love Tiller, but am stuck with USAA.

I’m starting to consider other budgeting platforms at this point, since it’s been +5 months with no resolution and no visibility into a fix. Anyone else giving up and going elsewhere?

Thanks for the feedback @romeroag - we are so so close to having an open banking connection with USAA, but we don’t have an official timeline though we have been told they are fast tracking it so we do expect it to be working again this quarter or early next. As soon as we have a date, we will share it here. It won’t be the next open banking enabled site, but it’s high on the list.

We also received word that they hope they’ll be able to fix the integration before the open banking site goes live, were finally able to get someone at USAA to be responsive and have sent some logs/data over for them to analyze. Yodlee is waiting to hear back on what changes need to be made to fix the issue.

We are making progress, and this is about as much detail as I can share at this point.


I found a remedy for USAA. I simply clicked “Add Account,” entered my USAA credentials, clicked “Add,” and Tiller refreshed the USAA account already there (without adding another account) and everything was there.