USAA transactions and balances not updating

I have found that Simplifi, the online product from Quicken does have a working sync with USAA accounts. It is a VERY different sort of tool so YMMV

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Have you found another solution?

To me, whatever issue Tiller is having with USAA/Yodlee is their problem to solve, not ours. It’s been 5 months that this issue has been ongoing. That’s unacceptable.

Are you anticipating it taking another 5 months? Genuinely curious as to when you think this will be resolved.

Hi @chipfields - did you get transactions too?

We don’t believe this will be another 5 months! :crossed_fingers:

As soon as we get any official timelines we will communicate them here.

Ah, it would seem the last transactions recorded from USAA were on 7-26-22. But the balances are all there and correct.

I just tried to connect USAA again - no dice. No account information, balances or transactions.

BTW : Monarch Money uses Plaid and Finicity and I was able to download transactions for USAA however they also have connection / integration issues. See:

Just wanted to share an update here.

We’ve recently confirmed from Yodlee that they have signed an agreement with USAA for building an open banking connection. This will help to ensure the most robust, reliable, and secure data feeds possible with USAA. Tiller will be prioritized for the open banking connection as soon as this is ready, and they hope to have open banking with USAA live by March or April.

Most customers have not been successfully receiving USAA data feeds for a long time now, but for those who were, all data feeds from USAA have been disabled until open banking is available. Previously we (including Yodlee) hoped it would be fixed before the open banking connection went live, but they have confirmed that it won’t be fixed before then.

You’ll receive separate emails from us directly via your Tiller-subscribed email address about the next steps for USAA and the official date that open banking is expected to go live when we have it. You do not need to remove your USAA accounts.

Thanks so much for your patience with this longstanding issue.

In the meantime, there are some options for manually tracking. You can manually export a CSV for each account and copy/paste using this guide for basic steps:

There are also some great community built options that automate this a bit. Personally, I like the Simple CSV import, but it’s probably the most technical/advanced to set up.

Basic Bank CSV option

Build a workflow for your bank’s CSV format. You can also record a macro to easily re-format your bank’s CSV format for use with this basic bank CSV.

Simple CSV Import

There are more steps to setting this one up, and it will require you to add a custom bound script to your spreadsheet, but it is by far the most flexible option for more easily creating a re-usable mapping for various bank CSVs.

CSV Spreadsheet Importer Multi-tool

No scripts required. This in-sheet option transforms your data in the spreadsheet and gives you some options for making sure you don’t import transactions a second time.


Heather - Just wanted to say thank you for working on this and providing so many helpful, detailed updates for the community. I really appreciate how much information you’ve shared and how seriously Tiller is taking this issue. It’s not practical for me to switch from USAA, so my family and I are really grateful for next steps with the open banking connection. Keep up the good work, and thanks again!


Does anyone have any news on USAA being able to fill on spread sheets? I saw a post from August 2022 saying it should start working in March or April. Is that still the case?

We’ve just reached out to Yodlee again today to see if they have a date.

We will share an update as soon as we have one!


Any update on USAA Heather? I signed up for Tiller over the weekend and it’s unfortunate that neither USAA nor Vanguard is working with Tiller.

No updates yet, but I did ping them again today. I pinged them last week on an update for the timeline and no response.

Navy Federal Credit Union open banking connection is going live next Monday. They pushed that back about 3-4 weeks and they had been in development on it for quite a while. USAA hopefully is jumping ahead of other institutions that were already on deck for an open banking site, but they do not share their internal details/timelines with us.

I promise as soon as I hear anything regarding the timeline I will be emailing USAA customers and updating this thread :slight_smile:


eagerly awaiting the latest update from @heather . Also, I used to keep an eye on the Institution Alerts spreadsheet but I noticed that USAA is no longer listed despite still not supporting transaction import.

Is this thread now the only place to check for updates on Tiller<->USAA support?

Any new updates? Considering switching my daily banking from USAA to NFCU if they cooperate better.

@micahd we don’t have a firm date from them yet, but it’s still targeted for Q2 though unlikely to be this month as originally hoped. We’re waiting to hear back on whether they can provide a more targeted timeline as to when in Q2 we might hope to see this, but nothing back yet. I’ve just been waiting on that before sharing another update here and for another email to our customers who have existing USAA connections.

For a little context, an open banking connection is a completely separate site build out, and most likely they just started working on it late Feb or early March. I know they’re working as fast as they can, making it a higher priority because USAA is such a large institution for many of their customers, not just Tiller, but it requires close coordination with USAA so if USAA is being slow or holding them up then there isn’t more they can really do to speed up the delivery.

@bethrwilkins, Navy Federal CU’s open banking connection just went live on 3/24 so it should be MUCH better.

Thanks for your patience all and please believe this is a high priority issue for us so we won’t let is slip or drop and trust that as soon as we have any new information we will share it. It’s important because so many customers rely on it, but our Founder Peter also banks with USAA so as you can imagine it’s got special attention :wink:


Regarding the outage on the Site Alert sheet, something keeps happening for it to fall off on their side. I’ve asked them to try and make sure it persists. I"m not sure what’s going on there, but we’ll make sure it persists by adding it manually until the OB site is live.


Thank you @heather I appreciate your honest update.

Yes, thank you for keeping us informed on this issue.

Cross posting here from the email that just went out for others who come across this later that won’t get that email:

Thanks so much for your patience while we continue to work with our data provider on the ongoing connectivity issues with USAA. We remain committed to resuming feeds with USAA.

Here’s what we know:

  • Our data provider is making progress with an open banking deployment with USAA, and they are targeting a mid-to-late summer availability date
  • The release date has been pushed back due to delays on USAA’s side
  • While we wait for open banking, you may see that refreshes appear to succeed for USAA, but transactions are not being pulled and accurate balances may or may not pull into your spreadsheet
  • We will send you an update when we have new information about the official release date.

We apologize for the delays, but we have little control over the timeline. Please keep in mind the mid-to-late summer timeline is an estimate, which is also subject to change.

We eagerly await this upgrade so we can resume providing you and others with reliable USAA feeds. Thanks again for hanging in with us during this process.

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