Use short description

In many summary sheets - the “Description” field is used. It would be nice to use the “Short Description” field - as this combines purchases from the “Exxon 01” and “Exxon 02” into just “Exxon” (roughly speaking).

I did determine how to do this - in the summary sheets, the formulas are usually in hidden columns to the write. Unhide those columns, look for the field “Description” and replace that cell with “Short Description” - now you get summaries about your expenditures at “TARGET” rather than “TARGET XXXX5321” and “TARGET XXXX9121” as separate payees.

Not sure why one would want to use Description rather than Short Description. I am new so maybe it will become clear in the future.

That is interesting. I am using a sheet from 9 months ago and all of my formulae are to the short description and I did not change them to the short description. If you are using a new sheet, I suspect that was designed so as to use the long description. Not sure if that was intentional or not. I do what you do…I change the short description to what I want it to be and leave the full description as is.