User Request: Detailed Category Tracker

Works great. Thanks!

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I thought you had it perfected, and then, there you go… making it even better! Updated!

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I made a minor correction on the Transaction Tracker to the Total for Category/Group label in E8 and G8. The header wasn’t changing with the Category/Group dropdown, and the sum wasn’t taking the column drift into account when looking for the Amount column.

If you want to simply copy/paste formulas, you can replace them with the following. Otherwise, you can replace your entire Transaction Tracker sheet with the template.

="Total for "&G3



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I’m new to Tiller and really want it to be great. So far I’m finding out that it’s just as much a lesson in spreadsheets as financial tracking. That’s not so great. Someone makes a template and constantly tweaks and updates it and the only way to find it is by spending time digging through stuff when I should be working on my finances. Isn’t there a “latest and greatest” page where everyone ‘s cool templates are found?