Using Regex Extraction with AutoCat

Checks I write come into the Description column in the Transactions tab like this:

Check #xxxx: Sh Draft

Where xxxx is a four-digit number. I periodically write checks for the same amount to various payees, so I’d like to use Autocat to append the payee name in the Description based on the check amount, like this:

Check #xxxx: Sh Draft Jane Doe

I tried creating a regex rule with an entry in the Description Regex column:

Check #(\d+): Sh Draft

I put the correct amount in the Amount Min and Amount Max columns, and in the Description column I entered:

Check #$1: Jane Doe

I ended up with exactly the text I put in the Description column, with no substitution for $1.

I’m not surprised that it didn’t work, but it sure would be nice if if did!

Hi @sskennel,

Did this topic below help with this issue?

I’m not well versed in Regex so if not, maybe @randy can help.


All AutoCat filters will be AND-ed together… so, all filters in a row must be met for the rule to process. For this reason, I’d start by getting the regex filter to work (without the min/max filters).

You might find it helpful to review this post to get your regex criteria dialed in.

Let me know if this helps get you where you want to be.


I wrote that reply myself just to close the loop and ensure that anyone else who ran into the problem could find the solution here.

— Roger