Using the Category Rollup Report

Use the Category Rollup report to get a detailed view of your finances for a selected time period organized by type, group, and category. The Category Rollup report is also great for itemized deduction reporting during tax time.

How to generate a Category Rollup report

  1. If you don’t see it in the add-ons menu at the top of your Google Sheet, install the Tiller add-on.
  2. Choose Add-ons > Tiller > Other Solutions > Category Rollup
  3. Configure the report’s settings.
  4. Choose “Create report” to generate a one time report based on your settings.

Note : the Category Rollup report will overwrite the existing report data on the Category Rollup sheet when you click “create report.”

Understanding How the Category Rollup Report Works

The Category Rollup Report is a static view of your data meaning if you make changes to the transactions sheet (like recategorizing transactions or adding in manual transactions) after the report has already been generated, the report will not automatically update with those changes. You will need to re-generate the report from the Tiller add-on to get the updated data.

The Category Rollup report organizes your financial data based on the configuration settings you chose and then by type (income, expense, or transfer), group, category, and then the transaction details including date, description, amount, and note.

How to Configure the Category Rollup Report


Choose which transaction details should be included in the report based on the settings the report offers.

Include Hide from Reports categories

This option will include transaction details for any categories that are marked as “Hide” in the “Hide from reports” column on the Categories sheet.

Include uncategorized transactions

This option will include transaction details for any transactions that are uncategorized on the Transactions sheet and group them under an “Uncategorized” heading at the top.

Only categories tagged tax

This option will include only transaction details for categories that are tagged as “tax” in the “Tags” column on the Categories sheet.

Time Period

Use the Period Preset drop down option under Time Period to choose a time period for which the report should pull transaction data. Use the start and end date fields to customize the date range to your liking.

Archive a previous Category Rollup report

Since the Category Rollup report gets overwritten each time it is re-generated from the Tiller add-on, you may want to archive your previous reports for reference later.

Duplicate the tab

  1. Right click the “Category Rollup” tab
  2. Choose “Duplicate”
  3. Update the name of the tab from “Copy of Category Rollup” to a name of your choosing.

Print the report

Alternatively, if you don’t want to duplicate the tab you can print the report to PDF or hard copy from the file menu in the Google Sheet.

@heather Is there a way to get the transaction notes to show up in the category rollup? I noticed a “Note” field on the category rollup, but it doesn’t seem to pull the note from the line from the transactions. It would be helpful when reviewing the rollup, because I do make notes on some transactions


I think that the column header in Transactions has to be just “Note” and it will pull it in vs plural “Notes” - it’s just pulling from a column called Note.

Finding this very useful, thank you!

Is there a way I can automatically e-mail myself a monthly report based on this sheet every two weeks?

Hi @galatic_incipient,

We don’t have that as an automated option right now.

If you’re comfortable in Google Sheets, you can try modifying the script documented in this blog post on the Tiller Money Blog to email you that specific sheet.

@jonorlin wrote this up a couple years ago, and it’s very specific to a template that’s no longer available. We haven’t updated it simply because it was intended to be an experimental workflow for folks so you would have to tinker with it to get it to work for this category rollup report.

Otherwise, I’d recommend adding a feature request to have an option to email you a snapshot of a sheet via the Tiller Labs add-on.


Hi @galatic_incipient,
As @Heather mentioned, I did provide an example on how to email yourself a sheet in that post several years ago. That particular script would only work with a specific template but it shows the necessary Google Script code and process to send automatic emails.

As far as using it with the Category Rollup Report, there would need to be an additional step. Since this sheet needs to be manually generated and doesn’t automatically update, the script would also have to generate the report every two weeks and then email it. Google Scripts can certainly make something like that happen.