Using Tiller on an iPad

Try removing the sheets app. Also try it with safari. It works great.

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That worked. Can I reinstall sheets?


I think you can, but it may ask you every time if you want to Open with sheets or browser. Choose Browser. For me, i dont install the sheets app. It isn’t as good as the browser version and now i can run full version on the browser.

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Anyone here that uses an iPad and Google Chrome not seeing the Extensions menu to open the Tiller Money Feeds add-on? Can someone share a screenshot of their sheet in Chrome on iPad and point out where to find the Extensions menu/TMF?

Customers are reporting that there are issues loading the sheet with Safari (in general I think this is a Safari performance issue?) but don’t know the steps on Chrome to access Extensions and don’t have an iPad. Thanks!

I can see it just fine both in Chrome and Safari.

Make sure to request the Desktop version of the site. In the Settings area of Chrome.

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Thanks, @richl that screenshot for Chrome is super helpful

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Anyone else getting the below error on iPad? I’m troubleshooting with a customer and she keeps seeing this message. She’s on iPadOS 17.1 and Chrome Version 119.0.6045.109 which is the latest available.

Yes, I get it too but it does not preclude me from continuing. My Chrome browser is current.

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I see the same when I use Chrome, but i rarely use chrome on my iPad. I suggest you use Safari as even when you use chrome is really is using the safari engine anyways. It’s not really Chrome but safari in a chrome wrapper.