Venmo transactions not being pulled in correctly

Hi there,

Tiller has not been pulling in Venmo transactions for well over a month now, which is strange because Venmo balances seem to be updating properly. The login and 2FA seem to be working fine as well but no new Venmo transactions are being imported. Is there something I’m missing or is there anything I can do to help troubleshoot the issue?

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Venmo has had outages on and off for a while now. They recently resolved an outage but I think it’s still ongoing.

I’d recommend trying the below to see if it helps:

  1. Log into Venmo directly
  2. If you see a popup, modal, or dialog follow whatever steps it is prompting you to do.
  3. Try again on the Tiller Console at

If the above steps do not help, try the following to see if you’re prompted to take action, then try again in Tiller.

  • Navigate to the transactions page for each account you have connected to see if you get prompted to do something.
  • Double check the notifications section for the online banking site for a prompt if applicable.
  • Confirm that your contact information at the Institution website is correct. Make an edit and re-save, even if nothing has changed then.

I recommend logging into Venmo via a browser instead of the mobile app.

I’m having the same issue! No transactions have been filled from Venmo since Sep. 9 (but it does track my balance correctly).

I tried the steps Heather listed, but it hasn’t made a change yet… Hoping this can get resovled soon!

Same here kgm and pliu! I tried the fix as well, but it seems something is still amiss with venmo transaction importing.

We’re also tracking strange/alarming behavior with the 2FA method in Tiller for Venmo. Venmo not connecting again

The outage duration is getting a little ridiculous. I haven’t been able to properly budget/close my finances for over 2 months now and it doesn’t seem like there any end in sight. @heather any updates on this front?

I’m also missing my Venmo transactions. Before I saw this thread I tried updating my Venmo password through the Tiller Console ‘Edit Credentials’. The password update fails with “Invalid Security Info” but I can see that Venmo is sending me a 2 factor authentication code that I never have an opportunity to enter.

I am having this same issue (and have reported it) - very frustrating.

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