Venmo Upload Not Working - Import CSV Line Items Workflow Question

I have a question about the Import CSV Line Items workflow from Tiller Money Labs. When trying to upload a venmo csv, I’m getting the error " The importer does not recognize the uploaded file. Check that you are uploading a supported file type."

How can I figure out what the issue is? It is a .csv directly downloaded from Venmo.

Looking at the CSV importer, for Venmo it mentions you need to review the CSV text and delete rows not conforming to the tabular data format. I’m guessing this is a common thing with Venmo exports, as the other sources don’t mention this step.

I just tried it myself, @jmj8778, and I’m having issues too.

Venmo’s CSV has always been the worst in terms of conforming to reasonable CSV best practices. The liberties they have taken make it more like an art project.

But… I think the core issue is that they have made significant changes to the columns reported— old columns missing, new columns added— and the Tiller Money Labs add-on no longer recognizes the file.

I’ll take a look.

I think I have this fixed, @jmj8778.

One of the challenges with Venmo’s CSV format is that column header rows are in the third line of CSV file. This doesn’t match with any other CSV’s I’ve seen and the import workflow isn’t really built to handle it.

Account Statement - (@XXXX) - March 12th to June 12th 2021 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Account Activity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
,ID,Datetime,Type,Status,Note,From,To,Amount (total),Amount (tip),Amount (fee),Funding Source,Destination,Beginning Balance,Ending Balance,Statement Period Venmo Fees,Terminal Location,Year to Date Venmo Fees,Disclaimer

You’ll need to delete the rows that begin with Account Statement and Account Activity in a text editor.

I expect the workflow will work once you have done that when run with the new import rules I just published.

Let us know if it works.

@randy Thanks for working on fixing this!

I can import the CSV now, but for some reason the amount is rarely being parsed:

(Also, FWIW, I don’t know why you now specify using a text editor to delete the first two rows in the instructions; Excel or whatever works just as well.)