Venmo wont update without manual input of the 2fa code

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So about two months ago I noticed that Venmo wasn’t updating. I’ve added and removed the account and a million things but every time I need to refresh the connection and add a new one-time two-factor code. Is this something that changed on Venmos part and is happening for others? Is there anything that can be done on either side? Some sort of “trust” setting or something?

Any light would be huge or even fellow people having the same issue as its really important to my workflow.



As an update, this is still happening for me. So every few days I have to go do a refresh and enter the code before I get new transactions. I assume this is to do with the fintech partner that does the accounts but it is fairly recent.

Same for me. I first noticed this when I updated to the new YSL data feeds from Yodlee. I’m not sure it was related to that but it is the first time I noticed it being an issue.

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Same for me, for the past several months now. Would love to know how to get Venmo back to automatic updating.

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Now is seems YSL cant update venmo accounts at all. It gives an error after you enter the security code saying it can’t connect to the site and they don’t know when it will be fixed. Really tough as it’s the thing I utilize the most about Tiller. I wonder if there is an workaround…


I can’t update or reconnect Venmo either. I get a “Technical error”. Has anyone figured out the issue?

I have the same problem with my venmo account. No updates for weeks. Keep getting this message:

I just found a page where they are tracking known outages and Venmo is listed. Resolution eta is 3/25:

That is super interesting so at least they know about it. I am still having the same issue. Hopefully fix coming soon!

Known outage page now says 4/15 for resolution eta. Frustrating.

Hi @marc.a.petersen,

We’ve had some customers indicate that they’re able to get Venmo working again. Can you give it another try now?

Thanks for checking in Heather. I was able to get a download to work once a week ago but since then reverted to getting errors again.


Another update…I was able to update my Venmo account today without the error message. It did require a manual refresh and 2FA but it worked.


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