Virtual assistant to import manual transactions from external accounts and categorize all transactions

:wave: Greetings TillerHQ Community,

I’ve been using TillerHQ for years but have a lot of manual work to import transactions from outside sources and categorize transactions.

My monthly TillerHQ process:

  • ensure all my bank accounts connections are up to date/working
  • fill transactions from automated accounts
  • copy/paste 2 external sources of transaction into google sheet and format the sheet into the required csv format
  • upload 2 manual csv into tiller
  • categorize manually all transactions (i disabled autocat but could set it up again)

I’m looking to find a way where I wouldnt have to do any of the above steps myself. It takes me between 2-3h/mo. Ideally I just open up the tillerHQ google sheet on my iphone and go straight to the dashboard or a report i’m interested in. I’m interested in the data produced by TillerHQ and not spending time doing operational work.

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. Maybe some folks delegated their TillerHQ process to virtual assistants?

Hi @Pierre - before deciding to hire a VA for help, I’d recommend reviewing the community-supported automation options for the CSV to save you some time.

The Tiller Community Solutions add-on

This community-supported add-on offers a few community built tools for importing data from other tools (Mint, Personal Capital, YNAB, and more).

Use the Basic Bank CSV option to build a workflow for your bank’s CSV format. You can also record a macro to easily re-format your bank’s CSV format for use with this basic bank CSV.

Simple CSV Import

There are more steps to setting this one up, and it will require you to add a custom bound script to your spreadsheet, but it is by far the most flexible option for more easily creating a re-usable mapping for various bank CSVs.

CSV Spreadsheet Importer Multi-tool

No scripts required. This in-sheet option transforms your data in the spreadsheet and gives you some options for making sure you don’t import transactions a second time.

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