Visa transactions not updating

I have a bank account with Redstone Federal Credit Union which includes checking, savings and a Visa card. Since 7/15 none of my Visa card transactions are being pulled. Checking and savings are updating fine.

Any Ideas?


Does the visa have separate login credentials? Try a refresh at the console and then again in the sheet?

Thanks for the reply Blake.
All accounts have the same login and Tiller updates them all with one login. I have tried to refresh several times from the console and the sheet but the card is still not updating.
I have contacted the bank but haven’t heard back from them.
Strange because I have been using those accounts in Tiller since the beginning which was over a year ago and the card has updated fine until lately.

Update, tried everything. Deleted the accounts for that bank and re-added them and all accounts except the Visa account updated. Must be a problem at the bank of Visa has changed something.

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Interesting. I would contact support. Support is troubleshooting an issue that I have. I linked an Etrade IRA, taxable brokerage, and checking account. The first two linked but the checking account did not. All three are under the same login. This is similar to your issue; one login but all accounts under that login do not link. Wonder whether our situations are unique or part of a broader issue.

I have the same problem (different Bank), refresh will not work to bring in the Visa information, I need to use the edit credentials function instead of refresh and it loads the Visa along with the other accounts

Ok, tonight my visa account showed up again. I didn’t do anything since I deleted and reloaded all of the accounts for that bank. Of course I have 3 months of duplicate records but I can handle that.

Thanks for letting us know it’s working for you, though we don’t recommend deleting and re-adding due to the duplicates both in the Transactions and Balances sheets.