Want to Add a "Tags" Column to Account Filter Template

I want to add a tag column to my account filter sheet. According to the directions I should be able to add to the cell with the vlookup function but I don’t see a cell (supposedly in a5) with vlookup. Any ideas to help? In my a5 I have… =transpose(G8:G12). It appears that the sheet is built on sheet references in column g and h

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Hi @churst,
I think I’ve worked out how to do it, if I understand the question correctly. I’m assuming that you already have a Tags column in your Transactions sheet, with the heading “Tags”.

All of the following steps are on the Account Filter sheet:

  1. Select row 16, right click and select “insert 1 below” If you’re looking at column H that should add a blank row below “Amount”. Type the word “Tags” in the cell below “Amount”
  2. Do the same on row 11, once again adding a blank row below the word “Amount” and adding the word “Tags”
  3. Select column E, right click, and select “insert 1 right”
  4. Select cell I11 (directly above one of the blank cells you just created), click on the little square in the bottom right corner and drag in down to cell I12
  5. Repeat step 4, but select cell I17 and drag into cell I18
  6. Select cell A5, and change =transpose(H8:H12) to =transpose(H8:H13)
  7. Select cell A6. The formula should read: =iferror(sort(filter({INDIRECT(I14),indirect(I15),indirect(I16),indirect(I17),indirect(I19)},indirect(I19)=B3),1,false))
    Change that to: =iferror(sort(filter({INDIRECT(I14),indirect(I15),indirect(I16),indirect(I17),indirect(I18),indirect(I19)},indirect(I19)=B3),1,false))
    All I did was add indirect (I18) in there after indirect(I17)

That should do it! It’s very possible I missed steps, but hopefully this points you in the right direction. I don’t know how comfortable you are with spreadsheets, if there are any issues feel free to ask.

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This is a cool addition to the Account Filter template, @churst. I like where you are going with it.

Thanks for posting solution instructions, @matt. I didn’t try implementing it, but I read through it and it sounds like what I would do. If it is not spot on it is very close.

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Worked like a charm! thank you! I started doing what you recommended inherently but missed a step or two so the whole sheet was out of whack and I didn’t want to mess anything up. Appreciate your quick response!

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I’m glad it worked! Yeah it’s easy to miss little details when you get into the formulas like this.