Water bill is not being accepted in categories

I’ve been using Tiller Sheets for several months. Suddenly, when I’m categorizing transactions, it keeps rejecting my water bill. I get that error message that states that I can’t edit the cell.
I’ve checked my categories and there is one for the water bill. I tried deleting it, then adding it back in and renaming it. The sheet still won’t accept it, even though it’s in the categorical list, in black and white.
Any idea how I can fix this?

Hi @sandral18706,
Just so I’m clear on the issue, is this correct? You have a category for your water bill setup in the Categories sheet. When you try to select that Category in the Transactions sheet, you get an error saying you can’t edit the cell? If you select a different Category, does that work?

Usually, if the category you select in the Transactions sheet Category column doesn’t match one of the existing categories, you will get an error saying “There was a problem: The data you entered in cell XX violates the data validation rules set on this cell”. It’s odd that you get an error saying you can’t edit the cell.

If you click on the Category column for the Transaction you want to categorize and then select the Data menu at the top, then Data validation, what does it say?

You might also look at the Data menu then Protected sheets @ ranges. Are any sheets or ranges protected? Usually, there shouldn’t be unless you have specific needs and created your own rules here.



Go to the categories sheet and rename water bill to abc water bill. Then go to the transactions sheet and see if you can code your water bill transaction to the category called abc water bill. If it does not work, tell us what happens. Blake

I managed to correct the error. First, I tried using a different Category for the water bill, and it worked. Then, I went into Categories and deleted the row for the water bill. Then I inserted another row, typed Water Bill.

I went back to Transactions, and it is now accepting Water Bill as a Category.

Thanks for your help!

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