Way to filter out certain Groups/Categories in the Live P&L report?

@randy is there an easy way to filter out certain Groups/Categories? Wife runs a Schedule C business that I track through here with An Income and Expense group set up and their own respective categories. Rather than include all of our personal + business trying to isolate just the business component

Have you checked out the Filter View functionality?

I just starting using the Live P&L and I’m loving it.

I’m looking for something similar.

Is there a way to filter the P&L based on tags?

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I don’t think there is a way to apply a filter to the P&L.

The Category Rollup report does allow you to filter by tag if you have a Tags column in the Categories sheet though.

An old post, but stumbled across it when looking for something else and maybe this solution is still helpful to you or others.

A quick and easy workaround for this is that in my Categories tab, I have several different variations on my “Hide from Reports” column based on various views I want, with different Hidden categories. When I want to look at a different view, I just rename that column “Hide from Reports” and it already has the correct category types hidden and the P&L will dynamically update. This way I can toggle back and forth between a few different views depending on what I want to see.

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Great ideal @Caroleen !

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