Way to filter out certain Groups/Categories in the Live P&L report?

@randy is there an easy way to filter out certain Groups/Categories? Wife runs a Schedule C business that I track through here with An Income and Expense group set up and their own respective categories. Rather than include all of our personal + business trying to isolate just the business component

Have you checked out the Filter View functionality?

I just starting using the Live P&L and I’m loving it.

I’m looking for something similar.

Is there a way to filter the P&L based on tags?

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I don’t think there is a way to apply a filter to the P&L.

The Category Rollup report does allow you to filter by tag if you have a Tags column in the Categories sheet though.

An old post, but stumbled across it when looking for something else and maybe this solution is still helpful to you or others.

A quick and easy workaround for this is that in my Categories tab, I have several different variations on my “Hide from Reports” column based on various views I want, with different Hidden categories. When I want to look at a different view, I just rename that column “Hide from Reports” and it already has the correct category types hidden and the P&L will dynamically update. This way I can toggle back and forth between a few different views depending on what I want to see.


Great ideal @Caroleen !

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Hi @randy, why does this particular sheet trigger the attached notification as soon as I add it to my own?

Google has made some changes that are much stricter about any functions that reach outside of the spreadsheet.

Most often the issue is a url pulling in an image like the Tiller logo.

Google is being extra careful because conceivably these URLs could maliciously dynamically include content from your spreadsheet. There are several other functions in addition to IMAGE() that Google now flags.

Ok, thank you for elaborating on that.

The notification appears when I add your template and disappears when I remove it.

From your response, I’m now seeing that Cell N1 within your template is showing #REF! while linking to an image file, while the screenshot on the community page for your template shows a logo should be appearing in that cell.

Deleting the link within Cell N1 clears the warning flag.

I’m now comfortable proceeding without the linked logo since it clears that notification, but should the link in Cell N1 within your template be changed given the “Spending Trends” tab shows a linked logo in Cell B1 without also triggering a warning notification?

I’m not sure which version of the Spending Trends you have but, to support this change, Google has implemented a way to embed logos recently so that there is no external communication when drawing images.

Looking now, the installed version is 1.02.

I presume most Tiller users are on consumer Google Accounts whereas I’m using G Workspace, but I’m not sure that would have anything to do with this because linked logos elsewhere within the file are not also causing that flag.

The Spending Trends has a bunch of images in the “Set up tips” section that we’ll need to clean up @randy

I struggled with this same topic, and @rhowell was kind enough to post a solution that worked beautifully for me.

He walked me through how to do it, but also gave the direct formulas, so if you are just hoping for “someone tell me the answer” - you can copy/paste from the post or you can learn as you read.

I’m posting it here because I’ve spent many hours on this topic, hoping to save someone else the labor.
Here’s the link to the thread.


Hope it works for you!


Thanks for chiming in and sharing what helped you!

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