Wedding Budget and Planning Spreadsheet - Community Template Example

Originally published at: Wedding Budget and Planning Spreadsheet - Tiller

One recent weekend I was inspired to build a Community template to help people save time and money while planning a wedding (or other events).

The free template for Google Sheets can be used on its own. But if you choose to supercharge it with Tiller, the template will automatically pull in all your wedding spending, keeping your wedding budget current while saving you hours of data entry.

This template is currently the only automated wedding budget planner of its kind. It includes the following sheets:

  • Summary Sheet, with a wedding countdown, a quick budget summary, a to-do checklist, and a pie chart visualizing expenses by category (this chart updates automatically with Tiller).

  • Guest List Organizer for tracking Guest Counts, Budget Estimates per Guest, Rehearsal Dinner Guests, Wedding & Reception Guests, Gifts for Guests, Invite and RSVP status, and more.

  • Table Seating Planner – so your divorced aunt and uncle don’t get seated at the same table.

  • Expense Categories – Create your own custom expense categories so you can track your budget, your way.

  • Transactions Sheet – If you use Tiller, this automatically tracks all your wedding spending. Otherwise, you can manually input your transactions.

  • Balances Sheet – Showing how much you have in each linked bank account and the balance on each linked credit card.

Open the Google Sheets template preview here. Let me know what you think!

Good afternoon,

I am trying to use the wedding planner with my tiller spreadsheet. I am not sure how to get the spreadsheet to merge and communicate with my existing tiller template and transaction sheet?
If this is meant to work as a separate sheet, I am not sure how to get it to connect to as the extensions tab is grayed out. I look forward to your thoughts.