Weekly break down for monthly budget?

Is there a way to break down the information in the monthly budget sheet by week? That information is great, but I would like to see it broke down to a weekly level for a bit more detail. Is there a soulution for that?

Funny you should ask…
Check out the brand new tool that @alan.heatherley just released!

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@randy That may work. Thanks! side note, there’s a lot of cool tools and sheets to try out. Is there a way to have a “core” spread sheet with the most important sheets and then an experimental one to try new ones on that all reference the same transactions? My wife and I both access tiller for our finances, but she definitely is not into the analytics like I am. I don’t want to add too many tabs that will make it hard to navigate.

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There isn’t really a pre-stuffed best-of spreadsheet. I’d recommend starting by using the “Popular” tag in the TCS solutions dropdown to find some templates if you want to explore.

You are correct that adding too many templates to your spreadsheet will likely affect performance. That said, you can always delete any sheets you aren’t using by right clicking on the tab and performance should return to pre-install levels.