What are best practices for manual entry while feed is down?

Capital One has been down for me since Saturday - “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Try again later.” My checking and savings and two credit cards are, therefore, unable to ‘Tiller’. (And, no it’s not on the outages list and yes, I have informed support and yes, I can log into the site manually.)

What is the best way I can safely enter the data manually that will then be easiest to undo whenever this situation is resolved?

Do I just update balance history and then add transactions one by one?

Hi Susan,

You can manually track this account until it’s working properly by importing your bank data. Here is an article below.


Thank you, Warren. Actually since it is 4 different accounts, turns out manually entering the data (via the Manual Accounts link in the Feed sidebar) is easier than futzing with 4 CVS. And gives me reconcile options for when (hopefully) it gets fixed.

I guess I just live with my balances being off for now.


Hi Susan:
I have found the Manual Transactions and Reconciliation tools to be excellent for this purpose. You’ll find these by navigating to Tiller Labs>Tools>Manual Transactions. It is fairly straightforward. After entering the transactions, and later when your bank feed is restored, run the Reconciliation tool. This will match newly downloaded transactions with those that were manually entered and remove the duplicates.

Here is a link to read more:

ok. that’s actually what i used and then i updated the balance history sheet manually. happily, the accounts are now feeding again and i’m working on moving to a more reliable banking situation.

thank you.

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