What are the most common mistakes that cause transactions to stop being imported by the bot?

Hi there,

Sometimes my transactions sheet stops receiving new transactions… it is still linked and nothing wrong shows on the tiller console status. Only way to recover is to create a new sheet from scratch and copy my categories and autocat stuff to the new sheet. Quite conversome and error prone.

Can you please help me understand the dont’s that causes the sheet to stop from being updated with new transactions?

I know better not to delete/rename any column, but I sometimes insert manual transactions and/or change the column order. Sometimes maybe delete some transactions, but nothing more than that. I have sort override so that the bot inserts new transactions at the bottom.

Help will be very much appreciated


Can you describe a bit more about what you mean by “stops receiving new transactions” ?

Does that mean when you click “update sheets” in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on nothing comes in?

Does that mean that it doesn’t automatically pull transactions in each day?

There are a few factors at play

  • timing of transaction refresh and whether we pulled any new data from your bank
  • Auto Update under Settings in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on being on or off - this is configured per sheet. If it’s off in any sheet you need to click “update sheets” to get the data into the sheet.
  • Even if it’s on, you may still need to click “update sheets” if your accounts require manual refreshes or the update ran before the accounts were automatically refreshed.

Hi Heather,

What I mean is that it doesn’t automatically pull transactions in each day even when the auto update setting is on.

Your comment on the need to sometimes click to update got me thinking… I have not done that when I get the problem; I assumed that refreshing the page from my browser would automatically refresh and import new transactions. So that may be the problem.

Let’s park this topic until this happens again. If it does happens again, I will click on refresh and see what happens.


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