What category should I use for purchase of shares of public stock?

I purchased some ETF shares. What category and entries do I need for that?

Since you really are just transferring money from one account ( say checking) to the stock account. I would set it as an account transfer.

That’s not exactly right because the transfer is already there from going from Checking to the Brokerage account. The purchase of an ETF should be considered an asset of some kind. Just not sure how it’s categorized.

Ok got it, so you mean the actual purchase of shares from the settlement account. What I do it setup a category called “investment details “. And I mark it as a transfer type , as it’s not income or an expense. This also keeps it from showing up in my expense and budget reports.

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You need to link your brokerage account to Tiller. That ETF will be in the brokerage account that gets automatically onto your balance sheet. You should get a transaction from the brokerage account and you can code that as a transfer to offset the transfer when the money moved from the checking account to the brokerage account. Blake

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