What do you love about spreadsheets for tracking your financial life?

Just for fun, what do you love about spreadsheets for tracking your finances?

Is it flexibility? Or collaboration? Or is it a feature you find essential, like pivot tables? (Or emoji? :slightly_smiling_face:)

Share your thoughts in the tread below. It will be fun to see what everyone says!

I recently wrote a longwinded post about why modern spreadsheets are better than apps for tracking your financial life.

Along the way, I ran out of space to mention why I personally prefer spreadsheets:

  • Every several weeks I get an urge to dig deeper into my numbers. With Google Sheets, I can fully immerse myself in this task.

  • Google Sheets + Tiller Money Feeds is the easiest yet most engaging way to track the everyday money metrics I care about most (daily spending, cash flow, net worth).

  • I love the flexibility of Google Sheets. For example, I created a warped spreadsheet that logs how I spend my money each day, everything I eat, the local weather, and (until recently) my daily steps and heart rate. This spreadsheet is basically a daily journal tracking how I literally “spent” my past few years.

Why do you prefer spreadsheets to manage your money?

Ugh. I cannot imagine having to go back to an app. Please don’t make me!

For me, it’s flexibility. I am not shoehorned into some developer’s idea of what I might want. Tiller, to me, is like a beer tap. My spreadsheet is my very own my-name-on-it beer mug. I fill it up and then I can do whatever I am smart enough to do with it.

I have backup versions saved whenever I want and where ever I want. I can twiddle and tweak and screw around with my data and if I break something, I can fix it easily. I have learned so much about spreadsheets from Tiller. And there is so much more I can do if I figure out how.

I am your basic old retired person cliche. I obsess over money management. Using a spreadsheet just fills my obsession with the joy of control over every teensy bit of financial data.

I’ve used all the apps over the years and if I had to go back, I’d export the info into a spreadsheet every day!

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Definitely emoijs :laughing:

But in all seriousness, before Tiller Money there was a period in my life where I was living paycheck to paycheck and used a basic Excel spreadsheet for a bit to get me through that period. I think it was the easiest way to really see what I needed to see to help me feel confident about my choices around money and trust I was going to get through that time in my life. After that when money wasn’t tight I didn’t use anything until finding Tiller Money.

It’s not any one feature for me, it’s that I have the data at my finger tips in a format that allows me to play with it however I want or build whatever I want on top of it.

It’s interesting and funny too because in college I actually failed the Excel part of the Microsoft Office Suite course and testing JMU made us do and had to retake it.

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