What does "Site not supported" mean after all these months?

After days of trouble with connecting to our main institution, a refresh attempt today shows gives:

I have an open Issue #4550 for which I added the same screen grab. Wondering out loud to the community if this has been a temporary event in the collective experience (for those who have witnessed similar).

When my credit union upgraded its site (the login screen visibly changed), it took a little bit for Yodlee to catch up and fix the connection.

Hmm. I note that there is a padlock icon over the login where there used to be a button. But the underneath looks the same.

Same here, but likely a different bank. I don’t think it’s always a Yodlee issue. I have one troubled account that currently shows “not supported” in Tiller. I use a couple other tools for different purposes that also connect to the same institution via Yodlee, and they work fine. This has happened a few times now, where Tiller doesn’t work but other sites do (using the same data provider). :frowning:

@Robert this is interesting. My guess is that we’re on a different tech stack at Yodlee than those other tools - not all Yodlee based products are the same. Depending on what you’re doing and how much volume you have you may be on your own tech stack or you may be on a stack shared with other fintechs.

We usually see Site Not Supported if they site has introduced some type of CAPTCHA that our data provider can’t get around.

Here are the steps we recommend for troubleshooting that though to work with us to confirm:

And you’d definitely want to file a ticket to make sure you get the proper support you need.

Yesterday when I visited Tiller Console and clicked the Refresh, I was prompted to confirm a phone# for a text message. I got the text’s code and provided, but I didn’t look for a “Remember this” check box and certainly did not check. Today it’s back to Site not supported. At least Rocket is working again. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: