What is column A in the Transactions sheet for?

Hi. Assuming a brand new Transactions sheet with no moving/hiding of columns, what is the purpose of column A? I see there’s an icon in A1 but other than that, all rows are empty. I presume it’s a necessary column or it wouldn’t be there? If it’s needed, can I just move it to the far right and hide it?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I saw another post about this somewhere and I believe the explanation was that a lot of people were accidentally deleting the first column, which would destroy the Transaction sheet, so they added a ‘sacrificial’ one.

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Appreciate the response. Plan to move it to the end and hide it - in case it actually does do something. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure column A doesn’t do anything. The only columns that Tiller feeds data into are certain columns with specific names in the first row.

More info about those names and columns here:

Tiller sheets are designed to work no matter where you have these columns. We do a lookup in the hidden parts of some sheets to find which columns these standard names are in.

Most formula cell references will automatically adjust when you move the columns. However, if you write a QUERY() function and use Column letter inside the SELECT statement, those letters won’t be updated when columns move. We solve this by using a reference to the column name lookup results mentioned above.

But if you write your own QUERYs with direct column references and then move some columns, your original formula may not work.


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Thanks @jonorlin Sincerely appreciated.

I’m just trying to save some screen real estate so good to know it can be moved. Appreciate the comments about QUERY functions. Makes sense.