What is the Tiller Money Community?

Get Inspired

The Tiller Money Community is a place to share and seek inspiration and guidance on using your Tiller-powered spreadsheets as well as other spreadsheet based tools and workflows. Spreadsheets are inherently flexible and customizable making them perfect for tinkerers and beginners alike. A community a great place to collaborate! The Tiller team will chime in here too! We’re all spreadsheet and money nerds so we often have the best answer to a lot of your financial workflow riddles.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Check out Tiller Labs - it’s where we post cool experiments, workflows, and templates (Solutions) that we’ve lightly tested. Often these come direct from customer requests. You might find just the solution you need right here.
  2. Start a Discussion to get feedback, advice, or ask for a solution. Mark the most helpful reply as the answer to help others find solutions.
  3. Check out the Feature Requests category to post your idea or cast your vote.

Your voice counts!

The best way to get help solving your spreadsheet workflow riddles is crowdsourcing ideas! Share your workflows and the cool things you’ve built to help others more fully utilize the power of Tiller’s direct to sheet bank feeds. We may even curate and feature some of your ideas and solutions on our website at some point!

Having a data feed issue?

If you’re having connection or bank feed issues or need help getting started with Tiller please review our official Help Center or reach out to support@tillerhq.com