What is your experience with Navy Federal and Tiller?

After the update it is very spotty:

Transactions are severely delayed

Transactions will drop here and there, some will not feed at all. I reentered credentials at least 5 times between yesterday and today to get a transaction dump finally.

Balances update consistently along the way (which ruins forecasting)

Right now I am picking through scheduled transactions to guess what already posted to match the current updated balance, then next week a dump of transactions will feed while dropping 1 or 2 entirely.

This is more work now than manually exporting and manipulating bank records :frowning:

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Oh man. Thanks for the detailed report on the Navy Federal feeds. Sounds like they are tenuous.

We rely on our data aggregator, Yodlee, to connect to the banks and feed us the latest data so we can fill your sheet. This sounds like an data quality issue with Yodlee’s integration with Navy Federal.

If there isn’t already a support request in for Navy Federal, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/login and requesting that they open one.

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will do thank you Randy!

I’ve been having the same experience with NFCU and tiller since the update. Luckily for me transactions now show up but there is about a 4 day delay after they’ve been posted which is extremely annoying. I have a support case open on this as well and it looks like it will be weeks before I hear anything back.

Thanks for the feedback! I have two linked accounts through NFCU, and one consistently updates. The other does not at all, I just confirmed this. Do you have just one account linked through NFCU and Tiller?

In my case I have two accounts (checking and credit card) linked to tiller. My credit card account updates just fine but it is only the checking account experiencing problems.

Ok thanks, it is the same here. It is checking that won’t update and credit updates fine.

So 33 transactions dating back to 5/1/23 on that checking account just fed over, very interesting. If it is now a weekly feed instead of 1-2 days after posting, I can live with that if it is consistent. Here’s to hoping its not just a temporary fix.