What's New At Tiller Money: A Q4 Update From Founder Peter Polson

We’ve been busy here at Tiller this year, growing our customer base significantly while also investing in our solution. Our work in the months ahead is guided by four priorities. I wanted to share those priorities and what they mean for you.

1. Security and privacy are at the core of everything we do at Tiller. We are unique among personal finance services in that nobody in our company sees any customer transactions and balances. We’ve written our software so your data remains encrypted and unavailable to developers, support, and everyone else at Tiller. Your data is just that: your data. Our job is to empower you in using your data wisely. Looking forward, we will continue to invest in privacy and security while also communicating about this work to customers.

2. We know that reliable and consistent feeds are the biggest reason you use Tiller Money. We’re already delivering a home run for many customers. For others, we have work to do and we know it. We are currently working to improve Tiller’s performance with banks that use multifactor authentication, to add unsupported banks, and to get data into your spreadsheet faster. Some of this will come through new interfaces and APIs with our data provider, Yodlee. We’re also evaluating using additional providers so every customer gets all their data into their spreadsheet each day.

3. We are creating a community of spreadsheet enthusiasts. We’ve always been awed by the solutions people have created with Tiller. Now there is a place to share that great work: right here in the Tiller Community. It’s a place to find and share workflows, spreadsheet examples, and other tools that empower people to manage their financial lives with the control and flexibility of spreadsheets.

4. We’re jumping into the community ourselves to share more spreadsheet tools and templates that demonstrate what’s possible with Tiller. To showcase this work, Tiller Labs has created an add-on with new solutions we’ve built as well as many of our existing templates. We’re focusing on velocity and breadth, trying to get more new concepts into your hands faster. We’re using the community to both share and support these solutions, and to spark ideas for new solutions to build.

Our latest product release that reflects these priorities is the Tiller Money Feeds Add-on for Google Sheets. In the past, you could only use Tiller in spreadsheets that were owned by Tiller. Now if you want to try Tiller in a spreadsheet you find in our community, discovered via Tiller, or anywhere else, you can add Tiller Feeds to it easily. (This add-on is built much like our Excel add-in.)

No changes are needed for current Google Sheet spreadsheets that use the Feed Bot. However, the next time you decide to create a new Tiller-powered Google Sheet, you will do it with the Tiller Money Feeds Add-on. It performs like the Feed Bot, but it allows you to attach Tiller Feeds to any spreadsheet.

Thanks for being a Tiller Money customer. You are why we are in business. Your subscription fee is our sole source of revenue. And your success inspires us to keep making Tiller better. Thank you!

Peter Polson
Founder, Tiller Money

PS - we’ve been hiring, and our next hire is a full-stack developer with a front-end focus; if you’re a fit or know someone who is, please let us know!

PSS - chime in below in the threads… I’m eager to hear your thoughts.


Glad to hear feed quality is a focus, this is my only gripe with tiller right now! I love it otherwise, the recent updates to templates have been great


With all of the data breaches going on it’s nice to hear that security is one of the main focuses. Looking forward to see all of the creative spreadsheet solutions people have in the community group. Thanks!


I promote Tiller whenever I can. One comment I’ve gotten back multiple times is that there isn’t a mobile app. Personally I don’t mind but that’s the feedback I get.


Yes ccfergusfalls - and if you have a workflow or spreadsheet or example you want to share, we’d love to see it! Community contributions don’t need to be super polished. There’s a lot to learn from the simple workflows and formulas each of us use. I just finished a meeting with my of my teammates here at Tiller, and I was struck by how different his Tiller personal finance workflow is versus mine. Look forward to more sharing from everyone on this.

Thx jeff - as for mobile usage and apps - thanks for sharing that. While spreadsheets are best used on a larger screen, we get that too - sometimes it’s nice to have quick access on your phone. One near term idea we’ve been playing with is a mobile friendly dashboard that looks great on a phone using the Google Sheets app. If you get to it first, please share it!

Hi Peter, I really love the focus on privacy and security. I think it’s great that the product is designed in a way that prevents Tiller from seeing personal data, but at the end of the day financial data is still made visible to either Google or Microsoft when it lands in a spreadsheet. Are there any thoughts or plans in the works that could truly keep data private from all parties? For example, if there was some client side encrypted spreadsheet app or maybe an offline spreadsheet mode? Anyways, I guess no matter what your financial data is going to be making its way through Yodlee, but it would be neat to have an option to reduce the number of parties with visibility into financial data further.

Looking forward to the improved feeds with accounts that use multifactor authentication.

I have 2 accounts that i need to log in regularly to get the updates due to the multifactor authentication. Would love if they automatically updated like my other accounts!


Hey Peter - what I think would be great is to be able to categorize on mobile. It’s a quick and easy task that is not super easy in the google sheets app.

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Thanks for the update, @peter! I hope #2 includes adding support for RBC Bank. I’ve been waiting for that to work since I started my trial and then subscription! :grin:

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Google Sheets is the mobile app. It works fine with Tiller, I use it every day to track my transactions.

You can use Glide to make editing transactions on mobile really nice and easy - I wrote a quick guide here: https://ianhyzy.me/blog/tutorial/Using-Tiller-on-mobile/


It would be perfect if you could solve the problem with the UK banks. I miss my masterpiece of sheet which I have spent hundreds of hours creating :slight_smile:

I can still manually add transactions but it is a big step down from a full autonomous sheet which sent me emails everyday based on my spending and purchase goals. Now my emails are always good form since according the transactions tab i am not spending anything :smiley:

I advertised you guys a lot here in London but now i feel betrayed if i want to exaggerate a bit.
please solve it!

Wow, this is great! I am going to link to your post in our Memo this Thursday.

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This is seriously awesome, thanks so much for sharing!

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Wow - that is amazing. so easy and so helpful. Thanks!


Hi, Jeff! Did you see the recent Tiller newsletter that referenced the new Glide App? I used it to create an app that displays categories I care about and quickly get an idea of how much I have left in each. Here’s a link to Glide - https://www.glideapps.com/
I’ve been very impressed with how simple it is to quickly create a custom app using a Google Sheet. Check it out!

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I wrote about my first experiences using Glide with Tiller.

See this: