What's the easiest way to extract only the business data from a business/personal transaction sheet

I have a very long sheet of all my transactions called “Personal+Business”, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to extract the Business data for a specific time range to send to my accountant as a separate spreadsheet.

I’ve been reading up on tags versus categories/groups, and now I’m wondering if I should create a separate “Tag” column and simply assign a tag of “business” or “personal” to each transaction. Would that make it easy to create a report of only the business transactions? I’ve also never created any reports so not even sure how that works. Also, would I have to add the tags manually to my thousands of transactions or can that somehow be automated?

Alternatively I thought about filtering on Group and making sure that I have dedicated Groups for my business transactions.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what would work better, or what I might need to rethink? I’m an Excel/Google Sheets/Tiller beginner so any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

After more research on tag reporting etc. I’m realizing none of the solutions offered are going to work for me because I don’t actually want a report. What I I want is to copy part of the spreadsheet between a specific date range (in this case Oct. 2021- Sep. 2022) to a new sheet, and exclude all “Personal” transactions.

I’ve added a Tags column in the Categories sheet so I can tag specific categories as personal or business. But how to I exclude those rows when copying to a new sheet?

I’m seeing a lot of information on how to run more complicated reports, but for this seemingly simply task (or so I thought!), I’m finding nothing. Any ideas? TIA!

Good questions, @susantillermoney.

I think Tags would be a clumsy and time consuming way to do what you want.

You might have a compelling reason for putting it all in one spreadsheet, but, personally, I would just create two separate spreadsheets and link them to the relevant accounts— presuming you use different accounts for the two types of transactions.

If your transactions are bifurcated by the accounts you use, you can get a lot of mileage in sorting, sharing, and copy-pasting by using the Filter function in Sheets to just show relevant information to what you’re doing.

Thanks for that, @randy.

I actually started out using separate spreadsheets for business and personal expenses, but I switched to a single spreadsheet because there are too many grey areas where I don’t necessarily know what’s going to end up being a business expense (due to operating in different countries; it’s complicated!).

Sorry, just meant to start a new paragraph, not reply!

In any case I got my spreadsheet out to my accountant but the process was a big mess and I ended up doing a lot of manual copying and pasting. Which apparently broke something, because now when I fill my transaction sheet, it no longer fills in the transaction amount, just the other information.

I think you’re right that tags is not the way to go here; I need to figure out a sorting option. But the most immediate problem is that the transaction sheet is no longer updating the monetary amounts. That’s probably an issue for support. I’m sure I’ll have more questions here though. :slight_smile:

Confirm that the title of the Amount column is exactly “Amount” with no extra spaces on either side. If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/login