When Opening Tiller - Starting Tab or Page

Hello Community,
I have a simple question but I could not find the answer in the community.
If it is posted in the community, I am sorry that I am re-asking a previous question.

Is there a way when you start or open up tiller in google sheets that it opens up to a specific tab or page every time? In other words, how do you change the start page or tab on tiller google sheets.

My experience has been that the sheet furthest to the left is the one that shows first when you open the document. It’s pretty easy to click and drag the sheets around to re-order them however you want.

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TL;DR : Bookmark the sheet that you always want to open & only use the bookmark to open the spreadsheet

Full answer taken from GSuite Tips:

  • Every spreadsheet has a URL with a standard part: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/
  • Every spreadsheet has a unique ID: 1CxZexDFlxHiUyfb4xbAcMFXvccpiSAftdrWf0pmmA1k
  • Every worksheet in a spreadsheet again has a unique worksheet ID: /edit#gid=0
  • Changing worksheets changes the gid=#### part of the URL.

This means that if you open your preferred sheet & bookmark the unique URL, you can then use the bookmark to always open the same worksheet.

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Thank you A-E, that did it, Thank you!