Where is AutoCat?

I’m just starting with Tiller, but I can’t seem to figure out to how to access the AutoCat. Is it somewhere under Tiller Labs?


Good question, @jntidaho. We are making some improvements to how AutoCat is published and you’ve caught us in between two approaches. Presently, AutoCat is available through the Tiller add-on available at this link.

Let me know if this link doesn’t work.

P.S. Thanks for the assist, @blake.

I followed the link to the Tiller Add-on, but it doesn’t seem to work. All that is available is a Help menu?

Will AutoCat be added to Tiller Labs?

Can you please try refreshing your browser session and see if that helps? Usually the “only seeing help menu” is a temporarily glitch corrected by a refresh/restart.