Which savings account updates without SMS verification every other day?

Trying to find an online bank account with good yield that doesn’t require me to receive an SMS everyday to stay updated. So far - Discover is a no-go (merged account with CC, no longer recognized), CapitalOne 360 is a no-go, Marcus is a no-go, and it sounds like AMEX is a no-go based on other feedback. Surely there is a high yield savings account somewhere that plays nice with TillerHQ?


Hopefully these links help. I have no idea how they interact with Tiller. As with everything in life, proceed with caution. Good luck.


Thanks Blake - Unfortunately I’ve read just about every one of these types of articles. The problem is all of the banks are “compatible” with Tiller, it just seems I can’t find one that doesn’t require SMS verification every day. Hoping someone on here has an account that syncs no problem they can recommend.

Have you looked into Ally Bank? I think they have higher yielding savings accounts and do not require multi-factor authentication be turned on (at this time).

Thank you Heather - yes, Ally seems to be working perfectly!

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Anyone have another suggestion other than Ally? Had a horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad experience with them and will never do business with them again.

I still miss the ING/Capital One360 feature that permitted the creation of a read-only access id and password that could be used to get balance and transaction information. Unfortunately they removed that feature to “increase security”.

The ideal bank would have such a read-only login option and high interest rate accounts.

I’m not one for expecting banking interest rates to make any significant difference to my annual income. As far as Savings accounts & Tiller compatibility go, Discover has an Online only savings account feature of Discover Bank (separate from the Credit card side of the business) they have provided me with a great experience and no issues regarding Tiller Money feeds add-on. Hope this helps.


I agree. I have two linked accounts with Discover Bank and have had no problems either.