Why are transactions from June pulled in today, Aug 17

This morning I did a fill. Coincidentally, I came upon this post a few minutes later. I opened the console and noticed that most accounts had been refreshed a few hours earlier but a couple had not been refreshed for a day. So I refreshed those and did another fill. One of the accounts I refreshed was Chase and I noticed some transactions for my Chase Amazon card from June appeared. This is concerning to me. I had expected that since the Chase account had been previously updated only a day earlier, only very recent transactions would show up. I am now concerned that I am missing various transactions. Why did these transactions from June only show up after a manual refresh today? I am wondering what checks I should be doing to ensure I do not miss transactions.

This is most likely due to the service outage we had in mid-June. These transactions appeared later because you went and manually refreshed, which includes a longer look back period than the automatic refresh. Chase generally refreshes automatically every day because it’s an open banking enabled institution. However, it does require you to re-authenticate it periodically, about once every 60-90 days.

Yikes! This seems like a huge flaw. The longer look back should be done automatically either daily or at least once a week. I am now concerned that I am missing transactions. It should not be necessary to ever do a manual refresh other than for particularly extenuating circumstances and minimally, there should be a refresh All option.

I have a Chase card and haven’t had a problem. You could use something like the “Account Reconciliation” template to make sure all your transactions are present and accounted for…

Okay, but going forward I should not have to do this. I feel the full lookback should happen frequently to better avoid missed transactions. I may have already lost some that go beyond the lookback.

Hi @buzzmaster1, we don’t have control over the look back period for the automatic refreshes, that is controlled by our data provider, Yodlee.

Manual refreshes are actually very commonly required for many institutions. You can read more here:

I noticed that doing a manual refresh brought in June data for both Chase and Schwab. Without manual refresh this data would ultimately be lost. Are you working with Yodlee or should I attempt to contact them directly with feedback?

It seems like a “Manual” refresh should be performed at least weekly since I would have lost data without having manually refreshed.


  1. work with yodlee so that the long lookback can be done automatically as well.
  2. have a “Refresh All” option in the console and potentially the option to schedule regularly.

Ultimately reliability and precision are the keys to making this product viable in the long term so anything that improves that should really be the highest priority at Tiller.