Why? Or, Is There Some Delay in Net Worth Report (& Balances) Updating?

Moved remaining $ from Capital One (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) old acct to Capital One new acct. Transactions show perfect transfer (netting zero); Balance History shows today date with new balances perfect as well.

But both Net Worth & Net Worth Tracker reports and also Balances reports do NOT reflect this morning’s transfer. Assume might resolve later, but curious: WHY? Or, is something in need of repair?

Again, data all good everywhere but reports not reflecting transfer data.


I think you need to go to the Accounts tab and add your new account to that sheet.


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Yes, as @Blake mentioned, it is likely you need to unhide the accounts sheet and selecting your accounts and set the class override as either an asset or liability.
The Accounts sheet may be a hidden tab in your Foundation Template. You can use it to customize or correct details about your accounts.

Did this work itself out?

Usually if the Net Worth or Balances sheet aren’t showing accurate balances I would recommend that you restore those sheets using the Tiller Labs add-on. You don’t have to add the account to the Accounts sheet in order for those to show proper balances on other sheets. The Accounts sheet is ONLY if you want to customize a group or override a class for an account, otherwise it can stay hidden and ignored.

We did have some issues that have since been corrected (so a restore would fix this) that if you didn’t have the Balance History sheet sorted newest to oldest some downstream sheets would show stale balances.

let me know if you need more help