Will duplicate categories cause issues?

In the Categories tab, if I have the same category, it makes makes the cell yellow, would it cause any issues if i just ignore it? ie say i have a group expense 1 and expense 2, and they each have the utilities category, so it’s basically duplicated, other than say when i run a report by category it won’t distinguish between the two anything else. or are all the reports ran off of categories

I think the Category is the more important ‘key’ item, so you’re going to run into problems down the road having a duplicate. I think all the reports would probably just pick which ever ‘Utilities’ group was first in the list, it wouldn’t know how to separate them.

@ctlee, yes this will likely cause a lot of confusion/issues.

We recommend prepending the category with something to make it distinguishable for the group. E.g. if it’s a shared expenses scenario you could put the first initial of the person like H - utilities to make it unique.