Will MBNA Canada be added soon?

Is there any chance that NBNA Canada will be included s a connection soon? They are a major player in the credit card business and are owned wholly by the TD Bank. Unfortunately for me and my use of Tiller is that I do the majority of our shopping using that card,(Amazon Mastercard version).

Yodlee, Tiller’s aggregator used to support MBNA (I have the Canadian Amazon card as well). I had nothing but trouble with this card, but only with Tiller. YNAB (Mx, Plaid) support it perfectly. One day, Yodlee stopped supporting MBNA. I wouldn’t expect it to be supported until Tiller adds the other aggregators they have been promising. Actually, Tiller won’t pursue tickets at all regarding Canadian financial institutions due to Yodlee’s inability to support them. I really can’t use Tiller right now until the new aggregators come on line.