Year To Date and Future Transactions

Good morning:
I just noticed in the Year To Date sheet, that with the time-frame setting of “Through Present Month” selected, transactions within the current month but in the future (manually added transactions) do not appear in the Actual column for the Categories.

Is that by design?

I also wanted to see the manually added transactions with future dates reflected on this sheet for the present month.

I changed cell O5 to calculate the end of the month instead of today:

=if(J15<year(today()), TEXT(I17,“yyyy-mm-dd”), if($B$5=$N$20,TEXT(eomonth(TODAY(),0),“yyyy-mm-dd”),TEXT(EOMONTH(TODAY(),-1),“yyyy-mm-dd”)))

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Sensational! Works.

Might be a nice “Switch” to add, since this local modification would be overwritten in any future updates.

Thanks. Really appreciate it.

You are welcome! Glad it worked for you.

I did have to add my changes back in after the recent update to the sheet. One thing I have started doing is to rename any modified sheet name to include “My” so that I remember that there are changes to it that would need to be evaluated when Tiller updates their version.

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