Year to Date Comparison Sheet — Looking at Previous Year

It is 1-1-21. I want to pull a YTD comparison showing all of 2020, but the only YTD comparison is “through present month.” Usually, I have the option of looking at data through previous month. It must have to do with the new year. Please let me know what to do to view 2020.

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If you unhide the columns on the right side of the sheet, @Jeff.Held, you will see some hidden controls. You can change the analysis to last year by entering “2020” in cell J15.

Hope this helps.

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2020 is already showing. Two rows down it shows “N/A.” On B5, only “Through the present month is available” The YTD Budget column shows all 0s, since I haven’t set that up yet. This still isn’t working.


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I am having the same issue. Now that I have grouped transactions from the last few weeks of December, I’d like to review where 2020 ended against budget.

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Hi @Jeff.Held and @wiggin :
Have you tried the Yearly Budget Solution? It pulls in the data your seeking from the prior year when you select the year you want to review.

(I am getting the same error on the YTD solution when viewing prior years, but until the issue is resolved, the Yearly Budget is a good option.)

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Thank you. Yes, I will use the yearly budget. Will the YTD budget be fixed? I really like the option to categorize variances from high to low. Allows me to see issues right away.

Hi Randy. I tried that but the beginning and ending dates still show 1/1/21 and 1/16/21. Thank you for sharing the hidden columns.

Hey @Jeff.Held, @phyllispil57, and @wiggin,

Thanks for flagging this. I just found a bug and published an update.
Let me know if this resolves the problem for you.


We’re getting close. When I change the year in J15 to 2020, the sheet shows actuals from Jan 2020-Nov. 2020, and the full year budget. Please fix this to allow it to show the full year of actuals. Note, “through present month” is the only option given, but it still shows actuals only through November.

Thanks for your help. This is a great one page look at everything!

Thanks for the quick feedback, @Jeff.Held.

I found another bug and republished the template as version 1.09. I’m feeling good about the fix for previous years but I’m nervous that the change could break the functionality in the current year.

Let me know what you find. Thanks.

Hi Randy,

I am still unable to pull in the YTD budget that template. I unhide the columns to the right. See below. Not sure what I need to change and do not want to make an issue. I love this template as it highlights the YTD favorable and unfavorable variances. Thank you.