Yearly Budget Items (paid once annually)

Hello. I wanted to add some specific items to my yearly budget spreadsheet tab that I don’t pay every month (e.g. insurance premium or taxes).

Can I add things on the yearly budget tab or not? If so, what’s the best way?

I budget those every month in my regular budget. If my auto insurance is $120/yr (haha) then I set it’s budget to $10/mo. Easy breezy.

Note that this applies to the Savings Budget addon sheet. There’s also a Savings Tracker addon sheet that makes make sure you’re on track for those types of expenses (and other longer term savings goals). I’ve found that budgeting like this really smooths things out and I’m never caught off guard by some big expense.

Hi @sharonvmunroe:

Great question…The Yearly Budget tab is a summarizing sheet only: it reports data from other places. Don’t edit anything on this sheet.

@aronos offers a good solution, and if you’re not using that approach, make your changes to the budget on the Categories tab. You can enter the amounts there only in the months where you expect activity.


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