3 businesses - what's the best structure?

Hello Tiller-ers:

I’ve got several businesses. I am looking for the best-practices for how to break this out (several tabs?) so I can have the profits accounted for in a general/main sheet, so I can see our family wholistic financial health.

My first thought is to break out the businesses into different sub-sheets (tabs) within the main template. IE, there’d be the main template with TRANSACTIONS for personal, then another tab/sheet with AIRBNB, then another for REALESTATE INCOME, etc etc. Not sure, though, how to get Tiller Money Feeds to sync specific accounts to specific tabs.



Welcome, @adam_g :wave:

I’d recommend a separate spreadsheet for each of the businesses vs trying to stuff everything in one.

If you do want them all in one their accounts will all share a Transactions sheet. There isn’t a way to separate out the transactions for one account onto different tabs at this time.

You could use a group structure to help keep things organized if they’re all in one sheet. A group for AIRBNB for example, with unique categories in that group. If some categories overlap just prepend them with something like airbnb-maintenance for example.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the quick reply heather! It does make sense. I’m inclined to break these out into separate spreadsheets, per your recc. It does seem the cleanest. I’ll work on these as individual businesses with the connections being the draws into my personal. That’s maybe the connection I wasn’t considering. Thanks!

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