Another Power BI - Tiller Mashup: Web-based, Automatically Updating Personal Finance Analytics portal

Personal Finance Analytics Portal: Enhanced Data Granularity and Pipeline Development

Given the advanced capabilities of today’s industry-leading banking applications like Mint, I might have never resorted to Excel spreadsheet hoarding had such options been available a decade ago.

However, the primary aim of this latest endeavor was to elevate beyond that level of data granularity in a web-based, automatically updating personal finance dashboard. Example: Mint does not offer a trended DTI visualization feature, etc.

Additionally, this project served as a practical exercise in mastering the basics of data engineering and pipeline development.

Tools and Technologies
Data Acquisition: Envestnet’s Yodlee Service, Tiller Sheets Excel Plugin
Data Transformation: Power Query
Data Pipeline: Microsoft On-Premise Gateway
Data Visualization: Power BI Service
Web Integration: Secure Wix Web Page

Workflow Overview

  1. Data Sourcing: Utilized Envestnet’s Yodlee service to feed bank account information into Tiller Sheets, an advanced Excel plugin. Tiller Sheets’ transaction auto-categorization feature is key to automation at this stage.

  2. Property Valuation: Real estate valuation data were harvested from multiple online sources and integrated with the existing financial account data.

  3. Data Transformation: Engaged Power Query for an extensive ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process to prepare the data for analytics.

  4. Data Pipeline: Leveraged Microsoft’s On-Premise Gateway to facilitate daily data updates to the Power BI Service. All data sources automatically update daily, including website data sources.

  5. Data Visualization: Developed an interactive Power BI report to represent the data in a visually intuitive manner.

  6. Web Integration: Embedded the Power BI report on a secure Wix web page to allow for easy access and daily updates.

The project successfully culminated in the development of a comprehensive Personal Finance Analytics Portal. The platform refreshes daily and provides unparalleled levels of data granularity not found in existing market solutions.

Skill Development
Foundational data engineering concepts.
Gained practical experience in ETL processes.
Honed skills in data visualization using Power BI.
Advanced data manipulations in Power Query.
Employed DAX for complex data calculations in Power BI.

Fun fact…the glaring yellow mountain of a bar chart are post-pandemic grocery expenses :sob:

Sounds like an interesting project @bfam573 .

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