Budget and Actuals Charts for Each Category

What is the goal of your workflow? What problem does it solve, or how does it help you?
This solutions creates a side-by-side comparison of budget and actuals for each category by month. It provides a visual snapshot of activity within a category to see how the budget plan is working (or not!)

How did you come up with the idea for your workflow?
I wanted to get a quick look at the activity in my categories for planning the coming year’s budget. Looking back helps me see if my expectations were on target or where changes need to be made.

Please describe your workflow. What are the sheets? Does it use any custom scripts or formulas?
The solution is its own tab and draws data from the standard form of the Categories sheet and the Yearly Budget sheet. The formulas assume these sheets are being used as provided by Tiller.

Anything else you’d like people to know?
The sheet takes a second or two to respond to the change in the drop-down menu when the Category is selected. So while the title of the chart changes immediately, the data take a bit to show up.

Is it ok for others to copy, use, and modify your workflow?
Of course!

If you said yes above, please make a copy of your workflow and share the copy’s URL:

Thanks for sharing this @Brad.warren

I hooked it up in my demo sheet and it looks awesome! :slight_smile:

I would recommend making the sheet view only though so that others who check it out don’t make accidental edits to it.

Thanks. Heather. Good catch on the permissions. I have made the change.

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