Budget Documentation Out of Date?

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According to this documentation…

… When you designate a category as a savings goal the progress indicator on the Budget dashboard will change from a sparkline to an icon with a percent.

The thing is, I don’t see a progress indicator as shown in the image, let alone an icon with a percent. Specifically, I’m looking at a Tiller-generated tab called “Monthly Budget” with the square “t” logo at the top-left, the title “Monthly Budget View”, and, at the top-right, options to select Year & Month.

Am I looking at the wrong documentation for this tool, or has the tool outpaced the documentation?

I believe there’s a mismatch between the tool you’re using and the documentation you’re looking at. It sounds like you’re using the Foundations sheet but this is for the Tiller Budget sheet. They serve the same basic function but the Tiller Budget sheet is a bit more advanced for doing a zero-sum style budget. It also tracks rollovers from month to month which is what makes that “savings goal” functionality possible.

If you want to try it you have to create a new sheet following the instructions under the Quick Start section of that documentation you linked too. I believe you can just copy/paste your Transactions sheet so you don’t have to redo that work. But be careful that if you added any custom columns that you also do that in the new sheet before pasting the data over. You should be able to copy the first 3 columns of your Catagories sheet to the Tiller Budget sheet as well.

The Tiller Budget is a really great sheet with a lot of power for managing your budget.

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