Calculated balance vs. actual (imported) balance

I noticed an offset in the “Budget Health” area of my Savings Budget that I think is due to some cash transactions I forgot to record manually.

Is there a way to compare the calculated balance of each account (i.e. the sum of all transactions to date) with the latest balance from the balance history page, whether that’s imported or manually entered?

I expected to find this on the Balances tab, but it’s not there.

I may be misunderstanding your question, @mlux, but the Budget Health metric in the Savings Budget is intended to help insure your income & expenses balance so that you are not creating false/imagined savings. If you’re trying to use the tool to correlate your virtual Savings Budget savings to real-world bank accounts, I’d recommend the Savings & Debt template.

It’s a long thread but there may be some helpful discussion on the Budget Health metric in this thread.

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Thanks, @randy! I wasn’t exactly sure what the Budget Health metric tracked, so that thread is great.

The other piece of my question is about how to make sure I’m not missing transactions for manually-added accounts. I’ve been using the Statements tab for accounts that have statements, but I suspect there are cash transactions I’ve forgotten to enter.

Is there anywhere where I could compare the latest manually-added balance of my “Cash” account to what it ought to be based on the transactions in Tiller? The Savings & Dept template isn’t right for this because I could be spending cash on anything – there isn’t an associated savings category.

So you have a manual account called “Cash”, @mlux? And you update the balance when you make an ATM withdrawal? And you have a separate “Cash” category that you use in the Transactions sheet to run down that balance? And you want to reconcile the cash (account) balance to the sum of the transactions?

I’m kind of guessing at your workflow here…