Can non-regex columns be added to AutoCat without breaking anything

I understand that AutoCat works from the top down in terms of processing but I sometimes find it easier to sort, say, on Description on occasion to better understand what rules I’ve created. Can I create a column that serves no other function but to allow me to manually sort the columns without any negative effect? I’d like to add a column like “Priority” where I would number my rules 1, 2, 3… This would allow me to prioritize my rules so that if I want to sort my rules on another column, I can easily get back to my priority order with a couple mouse clicks. Such a column may be something to consider having in AutoCat and having rules fire based on the “Priority” column rather than strictly top/down.

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I think adding a non-override or non-criteria column to the AutoCat sheet may break it actually.

It would probably be fine to do this temporarily while you’re getting them in priority order, but you’d want to remove it before running AutoCat again.


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Thanks for letting me know. Not a huge deal but good idea to do it temporarily whenever necessary.