Categories vs. Groups

I dont understand the difference between category and group. Can someone explain?

Groups are intended to let you aggregate common categories for reporting & visualization purposes. For example, if you have categories “Primary Job”, “Side Hustle” and “Rental Income”, you could use the group “Income Sources” to aggregate and report on all your income sources.

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that is helpful - thank you

just a quick follow up. I notice that in the lab add on, reports run by category (vs groups), so if i have a group (vs a category) for rental income, and categories of apartment 1, 2 and 3, the report function doesnt let me run a report by group to consolidate all three apartments. im mentally stuck figuring out the best way to set this up because i am not sure if i need to worry about income by apartment vs just aggregating the three aparments under Rental Income.


Since categories have to be unique we typically recommend that folks have group per property and then use a prefix per category so you can report on individual properties.

So Group is 123 Magnolia St then the categories are 123M-Rent, 123M-Maintenance, etc where 123M is a unique identifier for 123 Magnolia St categories.

There is a rental property tracker concept our founder shared here under Show & Tell.

The Category Rollup report in Labs offers an option to do reporting by type/group/category and the Monthly Analysis sheet in Labs also allows you to choose groups.


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