Category/Group/Type question

I have interest that I receive in cking/sav accounts set up as “Misc Income”. But I’m not sure what GROUP to use for “interest expense” such as the fee that goes on my credit card, adding to the balance. It shows up as a specific item in my transactions as “Purchase Interest Charge” and I have that phrase set up in AutoCat to assign it to “Interest Expense”. But what Group should it be assigned to?

Similar question, I have a Category “Taxes w/h from IRA”. At the moment, I’m treating it as a transfer, but I don’t know what Group it should be. And is Transfer even right? There’s nothing corresponding anyplace. What other Group/Type would be better to use for this category?

I would put a credit card “interest expense” under a Discretionary group to highlight as something to reduce/eliminate.

Something like this:

Category Group
Amazon Discretionary
Clothing Discretionary
Eating Out Discretionary
Entertainment Discretionary
Interest Expense Discretionary
Technology Discretionary
Travel Discretionary

Another idea is maybe include it with something similar to these from what Mint uses. Could also roll all these up into one Fees category and put under the Discretionary group, depending on how much granularity you like to have and what works best for your use case.
Category Group
ATM Fee Fees & Charges
Bank Fee Fees & Charges
Finance Charge Fees & Charges
Interest Expense Fees & Charges
Late Fee Fees & Charges
Service Fee Fees & Charges
Trade Commissions Fees & Charges

For “Taxes w/h from IRA”, is that happening inside an IRA account for an IRA distribution? If so, I'm thinking there would be a portion of the distribution that's a transfer from the IRA to a bank and then a portion that's "Taxes w/h from IRA" I would probably categorize as Federal Tax/State Tax, split up depending how it breaks down.
Category Group
Federal Tax Taxes
Property Tax Taxes
State Tax Taxes
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My investment income is just category: Investments group: Income.

I agree with @Mark.S on the Fees & Charges and Taxes groups.

Personally, my groups are all very vague. If I want to add more detail to something I use a Tag.