Creating Transaction Splits with a Partner

I have searched the board, but not seeing the answer I need - apologizes if I missed it somewhere!

My husband and I split one category on our credit card 50/50. In the past, we have used an app for this - Zeta. Zeta is sadly, going away. I read about Tiller when trying to find a replacement app and decided to give it a go! I love it so far. I am trying to figure out how to “split” transactions, not the categories… but the amounts. Assigning 50% to my husband and 50% to me, as well as a way to mark it as “paid”.

How we have handled this in the past, is twice a month, we go into the Zeta app and split each expense. There’s a “settle up” button that we press when we put that money into our joint checking account. The joint checking account pays the credit card bill when it’s due. We put everything on a credit card because we love those travel points. Everything that comes in on that credit card isn’t split, we only split the one category. I obviously have figured out how to change the categories… but is there any way to split these transactions and then have a “settle up” function?

Anyone else do something like this?

I can’t speak to the “settle up” workflow, but, for the 50/50 splits, you might try the BRAND-NEW Split Transaction workflow we added to Tiller Money Feeds today.

You can either do this manually, one-by-one or you can added the Saved Splits sheet to your spreadsheet and create split recipes that can be quickly executed.

While the base split workflow was improved and migrated from the Tiller Community Solutions add-on, the Saved Splits functionality is a first-time-ever feature! Let us know what you think.

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This is amazing! Thank you so so much!!!

For the “settle up” workflow, I just created a simple formula on an additional sheet that adds all of those splits together and allows my partner and I to add line items for “payments” we have made into our joint account. The “payments” are subtracted from that total balance showing additional amount (if any) that is owed.

So far, I am truly truly loving tiller! I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before. I love how much you can do with it. I’ve always really been a fan of excel in general. I’m certainly no expert, but I can do a few more complicated formulas and it’s great to be able to make this what I want it to be :slight_smile:


That’s so great to hear, @brittnyeelise1224. You sound like the perfect fit for Tiller since your workflow needs are a little more complex and personal than the stock workflows in personal-finance applications and you are not afraid to build what you need leveraging the power of spreadsheets.

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