Tiller Labs Roundup: 12/11/19 - Transaction Splitter & P&L Report Update

Our Tiller Labs team is working to keep you efficient, inspired, and enabled with financial templates, tools and workflows.

Transaction Splitter

Sometimes it’s nice to break up a single transaction into multiple categories.

  • You get cash back at the grocery checkout and want to split the transaction between your Grocery and Cash categories
  • You make a large purchase on Amazon and want to bucket the computer, dog food and bedding purchases by category (rather than having just one large, ambiguous line item)
  • You consolidate a shared dinner with friends onto your credit card and receive cash to cover your friend’s portions

With the Transaction Splitter in the Tiller Labs add-on, it’s really easy to split transactions between multiple categories.

To give it a try, just navigate to the Tools / Split Transaction sidebar pane in the Tiller Labs add-on. Visit the how-to page for more instructions.

Updates to P&L Report Builder

We have overhauled the P&L Report builder script. The update improves performance, allows for multi-year reporting (up to 12 periods) and resolves a timezone issue. To build a P&L report, go to the Tools / Create Reports / Profit & Loss in the Tiller Labs add-on sidebar.


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